And this is my little nook of the web to give some background on yours truly with regards to MOHAA.

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, so here goes – I’m hopelessly addicted to online multiplayer MOHAA. I bought the game right about the time it came out in 2002. Since that time, I’d guess that I generally play MOHAA between six and seven days a week and usually for about 3 hours each day. But I have no desire to begin a recovery process… so game on!

I have always picked a single online nickname and stuck with it, but recently I found one I liked better and so changed it. My first and only other online nickname was JayWest1024 but just recently I changed to Todesengel which is german for “Angel of Death”. If you’ve played against me, you’ll probably understand my choice of nickname *grin*

The first clan I joined was RSS, followed by LOS, and finally NAG. I currently am unaffiliated with any single clan, and likely will stay that way. I have no problem with any of those groups nor clans in general, and all players are welcome at Todes Place both those with tags (of any clan) and those without. Lets just say that if I was to ever start a clan, it would probably be called “{ND}” for “No Drama” clan.

Even though I have my own gameserver, I will still continue to play on all the MOHAA servers I can find as time permits. It’s all about finding great competition and great camaraderie and I’ll enjoy that whether it’s on my server or other servers. I don’t ascribe to the often-voiced-by-others idea that servers have to be in competition with other servers, or “this clan hates that clan” mentality. We’re all MOHAA lovers, lets just focus on that and enjoy the game and the chatting.


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