We only have a few rules at TodesPlace….

  • Be courteous to other players. Keep in mind that we’re here to have fun, and we will not tolerate antagonists. Also be aware that some players may be rather young so please watch your choice of words when chatting in-game or on teamspeak.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone running a hack or cheat of any kind. Unlike many other server admins, we are especially adept at determining the difference between a really good player and one who is using some type of hack/cheat. If you’re doing it – you will be caught. You will be asked one time only to turn it off. If we can then see that you have complied, you can continue to play. If you do not comply – you will be banned for life, not temporarily. So please, check your hacks/cheats at the door before coming in to the server.

Lastly – while not a “rule”, we strongly recommend that you respond to an admin who asks you a question or requests that you change a particular behavior. If you do not respond at all, it’s just not in your best interest. We’re not here to be dictators – we’re here to ensure that the server provides a great gameplaying experience for all players.

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