Here at TodesPlace, we strive for very stringent use of game mods. Far too often we see other servers that have gone a little overboard with regards to weapon capabilities, extreme high jump, etc. We want to preserve realistic gameplay while still adopting a few mods that really do enhance the gameplay experience.

  • Jump – we have increased the default jump height to allow players to jump onto railings and certain lower level structures.
  • Speed – we have increased the walk/run speed for a fast paced game. The default speed is just like… well… walking in quicksand!
  • SpawnProtect – Getting killed upon spawning is certainly irritating, so this mod was installed to prevent that.
  • Smoke Nades¬†– While we’re not opposed to campers (quite frankly camping just makes you an easy target), smoke nades help ensure that players are moving and shooting. There’s just something satisfying about clearing out a building with a couple well placed smoke nades!
  • Weapons – Virtually all of the weapons have been modified with regards to accuracy, rate of fire, recoil, etc. specifically to balance out the performance and efficacy¬†between weapons. No longer does a given weapon have major advantage over another. We also made all weapons available.
  • Self Heal – If you’re hurt and you can manage to find a quiet corner of the map, just crouch without moving and your health will go back up slightly.

There are still just a few more mods I’m working on, so stay tuned!

While many of the above mods are commonly available on the Internet, most of them were basically rewritten by me before including them at TodesPlace for a variety of reasons. In some cases I just didn’t care for the approach that the programmer used and in other cases the mod interfered with other mods.

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