Our Server

We’re rather proud of our MOHAA server environment! We’re quite certain that it is a far better server structurally and from a capacity/performance standpoint than all the others, and here’s why…

In my day job, I own a regional ISP/Hosting company. Naturally, the TodesPlace game server runs out of our own datacenter which gives us an unusual level of control over not just the server itself, but the surrounding infrastructure, bandwidth, and security.

  • Stability/Reliability Unlike most other MOHAA game servers, ours runs in a clustered environment. That means that if the gameserver ever goes down, it is automatically restarted on another server in less than 1 second. In most cases, active sessions are maintained during the sub-second switch and users will likely never notice. They just keep playing.
  • Bandwidth  Unlike most other MOHAA game servers, we have carrier grade bandwidth and “blended” connectivity. Our bandwidth is symmetric, most other MOHAA servers are sitting on lesser asymmetric bandwidth which affects gameplay. The other guys are typically at the mercy of one upstream network connection. We have multiple (gigabit+ each) connections to multiple tier-1 carriers such that it’s virtually impossible for us to lose connectivity.
  • Performance Unlike most other MOHAA game servers, due to our clustered environment our systems are “self-tuning”. That means that if the game server needs more memory, processing power, or other resources, those are automatically increased on the fly while the server is still running.
  • Security Unlike most other MOHAA game servers, the TodesPlace server sits behind professionally managed carrier grade firewalls to ensure less interruptions to your gaming experience.

Stop by our server, and you’ll see how all the above makes your playing experience elsewhere dull in comparison!

MOHAA – for serious gamers