Welcome to the website for the best Medal of Honor : Allied Assault gameserver on the internet – “Todes Place”.

If you’re looking for a MOHAA server that has “Wacky Mods”, we’re not what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for drama as to “who likes who and doesn’t like who or who is mad at who”  – please just move along. But if you’re serious about enjoying MOHAA on a top notch server that strictly enforces a “No Cheats Allowed” rule, then come visit us in-game! You’ll find some of the best MOHAA players on the net here, but new players are welcome and we’ll gladly give advice, tips, and tricks to improve your game if you wish.

Stop in, kick back and relax, and check out the scoop on our server. We are not affiliated with any single Clan, so all players are equally welcome.

Enjoy…     Todesengel

MOHAA – for serious gamers